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AWOL (A Week of Love)

Washington High School Student Council would like to announce this year's 2021 AWOL Recipient as our very own Dawson Cary. AWOL will be held the week of March 8-12. Forms will be coming home soon for shirt orders and other fun things that will be happening during AWOL Week. 


Dawson Cary is a senior at Washington High School and has attended Washington since Pre-K. 


Since Dawson’s sophomore year, he has been battling Sideroblastic anemia. Sideroblastic anemia is a blood disease that he inherited from his mother. Unfortunately, Dawson’s mother passed away due to this illness. If untreated, it can eventually lead to leukemia. However, there can be complications from the current treatment that Dawson is currently undergoing, which is why he and his father are seeking a more long-term treatment.


His current treatment consists of transfusions, three units of blood every four weeks, which in turn causes him to have to take a chelation drug called Jadenu that removes the elevated iron that frequent transfusions create. His long-term treatment is a bone marrow transplant, an operation that he will undergo this summer that will require him to be in the hospital around 100 days, thirty straight days, and then three-four trips a week for blood work. During that time, his father would like to take off work, if feasible, where he can take care of Dawson. His father is the sole supporter and provider for his mother, as previously mentioned, passed away from the disease that Dawson is currently battling. 


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