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WPS Gifted and Talented Off to the Turkey Races

Posted Date: 11/18/2021

WPS Gifted and Talented Off to the Turkey Races

Washington's Elementary and Middle School Gifted and Talented students came together for a club meeting and fun project.

The project was built around the story of Farmer Dave, and how he always has the best turkeys for Thanksgiving. The turkeys banded together this year and decided to send stunt doubles in their place to race and see what their fate would be. Students did not want to be the slowest turkey! So with the supplies given the gifted students had to create a turkey and then race them across the finish line to see who would win! However, the only way to move the turkey they made was to move it by blowing it with a straw.

There were some very creative turkeys and interesting tactics to get the birds across the finish line!