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TCLA Virtual Learning Program Available For Washington Students Seeking Online Learning Option

Posted Date: 06/10/2021

TCLA Virtual Learning Program Available For Washington Students Seeking Online Learning Option

Tri-City Learning Academy

Virtual Education Serving:
Blanchard, Bridge Creek, Newcastle, Tuttle and Washington

TCLA is a school designed to serve families in the Tri-City area that desire: ​

• A customized, robust virtual education
• Oklahoma Certified teachers working within their grade level and subject area expertise. Like no other virtual school around!
• The best of a traditional education experience, coupled with the flexibility of an online program that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time
• A program that aligns with Oklahoma Academic State Standards with a self-paced education option
• A virtual education combined with a sense of community within the Tri-City schools.

Tri-City Learning Academy provides an opportunity for an interactive learning environment created through technology, in which the student and teacher are separated by time, space or both. Students will access lessons, assignments and receive assessments virtually. Using technology, teachers will communicate with students and parents in many different ways. Our virtual school option meets all Oklahoma public school standards and graduation requirements. Instructors are Oklahoma certified teachers and employees of Blanchard, Bridge Creek, Newcastle, Tuttle, or Washington Public Schools. Students completing graduation requirements will be awarded a High School diploma from their home district.

What makes Tri-City Learning Academy Different?
Washington will have an open lab available at Blanchard (upon request) for students to meet with teachers for interventions and additional assistance when needed. TCLA will also be striving to create a sense of community with our students and families throughout the school year.

Who can participate?
Any student in grades K-12 who are enrolled in Blanchard, Bridge Creek, Newcastle, Tuttle and Washington School District. Virtual education works best for self-motivated students who can work independently and who have a learning coach such as a parent, guardian, or older sibling.

How do we enroll?
Families should enroll their students with their home district and contact Mr. John Hancock, WPS Virtual coordinator at 405-288-2354 or

Frequently Asked Questions

Which students are eligible for enrolling in the Tri-City Learning Academy?
Any K-12 student enrolled in Blanchard, Bridge Creek, Newcastle, Tuttle or Washington Public Schools.

Is there a cost to participate?
There is no cost to participate in Tri-City Learning Academy. There may be a rental fee for devices or a fee to replace lost, stolen or broken technology borrowed from the school.

What are the benefits of enrolling in Tri-City Learning Academy?
• Flexible schedule throughout the week to complete coursework
• Individualized pacing
• Convenience and freedom to access courses at any time and from any place
• The comfort of working at home with parental assistance and support
• Parental involvement in education
• Individualization of student needs
• Access to enrichment opportunities

What if a student doesn’t have access to a computer?
Washington schools will have devices that are available for check out by request for K-12 students. There may be a usage fee and/or a replacement fee for lost, stolen or broken technology for Chromebooks.

What are the responsibilities of parents?
A virtual instructional option is home-based and parents become the Learning Coach. This gives parents additional responsibilities for providing instructional support, monitoring student engagement and progress, and communicating with teachers via email and telephone.
A student's parent/learning coach must be responsible for:
• Maintaining access to a computer and internet for their student’s work.
• Establish an environment that is conducive to a student’s learning.
• Ensure that students log in to courses, so attendance can be taken daily.
• Commit at least 2-4 hours per day to support and guide your student throughout coursework
• Be aware that students are expected to follow the district’s virtual attendance policy and attend (complete) their virtual courses by the assigned due dates.
o A student’s failure to sign in to his or her digital platform account daily and/or demonstrate academic progress may have a negative impact on a student’s ability to stay enrolled as a TCLA student and/or require in person attendance and interventions with their assigned teacher.
There will be resources and training sessions available for families to assist you in becoming a successful Learning Coach for your child.

What will my child study?
The subjects in TCLA are the same grade-appropriate core subjects as those of in school students as well as electives in the 6-12th grade. Middle School electives are set and preselected by grade level. High school students may have a larger number of elective courses based on their individual interests.

Will students receive a standard diploma if they complete graduation requirements with TCLA?
Yes, students completing graduation requirements will receive a standard high school diploma from their home district. Credits, grade point average, and any other requirements for graduation from TCLA are identical to those of the traditional high schools. Credits are transferable within the state so students do not lose completed course credits if they move from one public school to another.

Will students be able to take honors or Advanced Placement courses online?
Yes, students will have access to advanced coursework on the virtual platform should that be the best fit for them.

Will students be required to take state-mandated achievement tests or other required tests?
Yes, students in third grade and above must take the tests mandated by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Parents will be notified of the times and locations of those tests. Students taking AP tests will also take those tests in person at the assigned time.
*There are also required Reading Sufficiency Act screeners that will be required throughout the year for students in grades K-5.

Will my child be in front of a screen all day?
No. We estimate that the Tri-City Learning Academy will require students to spend 2- 5 hours a day on the computer. Their screen time could be lessened depending on their grade level and course load as well as the type of subjects they study. The involvement of the parent or guardian will be crucial to ensure that the student is not spending too much time in front of a screen.
*All students will receive a set of materials at the beginning of each semester that will assist in supporting standards taught online. This will help eliminate a full day of screen time and provide some hands-on activities.

How is attendance determined in the Tri-City Learning Academy?
Students are required to login daily to their assigned platform. TCLA teachers verify attendance by students signing in to their virtual courses and making successful academic progress. Students may have required hours to log in during a school week to meet with their teacher or grade level classes but will also have the flexibility to complete work in addition to the designated times. Attendance is determined by the student’s level of progress towards completion of the coursework. A minimum of 10-20 hours per week are recommended for satisfactory progress depending on the age of the student.
*Parents are subject to the Oklahoma compulsory student attendance law and are accountable for compliance in virtual school just as they are in the traditional school setting.

Is my student eligible to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities?
Washington Students (grades 7-12) in the Tri-City Learning Academy ARE NOT eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities offered by their home district.

If we enroll in the Tri-City Learning Academy and it does not meet my student’s needs, what are my options?
Parents should make the decision to enroll in virtual school in a very thoughtful manner. Virtual education is a tremendous option for most students, but some find the demands too strenuous.
We want to ensure students are placed in a successful learning environment and understand that online learning may not be for every student. A family has 10 calendar days after the first day of school to move their student back into the traditional setting within their home district. The student, parent/guardian, teacher, and site administrator will work together to make this decision.

May I enroll my student in the Tri-City Learning Academy for one year only or may I enroll my student at the change of semesters?
A student may be enrolled in the Tri-City Learning Academy for one year or all of their school years. Enrollments at mid-year are offered on an individual basis. The needs of an individual student are considered when determining the appropriateness of a mid-year enrollment. Teachers and administrators will evaluate students every year to determine the effectiveness of the option for individual students and for the progress that they have made during the year. Students who are not successful in the virtual academy may be recommended to return to the traditional setting in subsequent years.

Is this program a good fit for students who are homeschooled?
Yes! Families who choose to homeschool may enroll in TCLA while maintaining control of their child’s at-home learning environment. The Tri-City Learning Academy offers board-approved elementary, middle, and high school curriculum that is comprehensive and aligned to Oklahoma’s state standards. Students in grades 7-12 would also have extracurricular opportunities available. Grades and transcripts will be issued by the student’s home district.

How much time do students have to complete courses?
Students have the same time to complete the course as students in traditional school. The program will show if the student is on track to finish on time. It is important to not get behind. However, there is the flexibility to work ahead and take breaks, within reason, as desired. Keep in mind that your child’s teacher(s) will have required meeting times that students will be required to attend.

What if my child has special needs?
Parents of children with disabilities on a Section 504 Accommodation Plan or on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will want to meet with their student’s team to determine if the Tri-City Learning Academy is the best placement for their child. If found that TCLA is an appropriate placement, teachers will accommodate as needed per the students 504 or IEP.